Australia & New Zealand

Work in the USA


GROW USA has over 10 years of experience in assisting Australians and New Zealanders to live, work, travel and play in the U.S! 

We have consistently prided ourselves on being the cheapest and the quickest organisation in Australia and New Zealand to process J-1 visas and we also work closely with 3 of the designated U.S Sponsorship organisations which means that we can offer students and graduates diversity and can tailor your U.S experience to your needs.  We also ensure that you are ‘hand-held’ throughout the entire J-1 visa process and will fully prepare you for your U.S consulate interview.

If you are looking for a higher level professional position, we offer 2 options with the E-3 visa:

  • U.S employer is the sponsor of your E-3 visa.
  • U.S sponsor is a Contractor Management company who looks after all aspects of your employment e.g. payroll, taxes, HR and insurance.

Our Company Policy is centred on a recruiting service that continually satisfies the expectations of our participants in all respects of quality, cost, performance and reliability.

Our company motto is "Quality First". Good quality ensures our continued profitable growth in an exciting and competitive market. One important quality objective is to secure business by recommendation from other candidates. GROW USA has the reputation of being a "Quality Company" - let us build on that base.